Need a budget PC $300

I am in need of a PC that can play Dark souls 2, Skyrim and some FPs like blacklight retribution. I do not care if I dont run them at max, but would prefer to at least run on medium quality. I am also bad at over clocking and more than likely would avoid doing it so I do not ruin my system. So please if you have any good builds let me know

Or at least the cheapest I can get  

Yeah, your not going to have a lot of luck at that price range. I think there is a video up for building a $350 one from a year or two ago but no telling if you can even get those parts or if they will even run Dark Souls at all. Here is a listing for one off of but it's out of stock right now...


Really not even building a tower can let me run dark souls 2?

well..... possibly if you get an am1 and you have some spare parts 

$300 won't get you far.  Here's the best I could do-tower hardware only and no wireless access.

I would highly suggest saving up for perhaps $450-500.  However, if you have any computer parts that can be reused(Hard drive, case, etc), this budget may be doable.

see if you can salvage parts but if you cant here is a full build

I would also suggest saving for the 500-600 mark. You might get a League of Legends pc for about $300, but thats it.

That ram is realy high cas you would be much better off with something like for an apu build

Yeah, but it's also more expensive :(

the best u can get for that price point but anyway I recommend to save money XD

oops wasn't paying attention to price, good choice

Here is a complete build that will get you what you want.. you can play the games.. but this is $360 before tax. 

You can connect this to your home TV if you don't have a monitor and you will still need a mouse and keyboard if you dont have that... but you probably got old ones at your house or your friends house.

Hope this helps.


Don't go cheaper than this , if you want to SAVE , go to your local dump , get a laptop hdd from there , and maybe downgrade the case , that might get you to 300$