Need a bit of help

So i'm having some problems with my curent pc build. I saved some money by not buying a gpu. Should i upgrade? I am haveing also software problems with the curent gpu, ALOT of crashes, alot of games don't work.

Curent rig: Fx 8320 3.5ghz, 2x4gb ram from corsair, asrock 970 pro 3 mobo, and GTX260 gpu T_T. I'm also using a 600w power suply from Recom.

I'm thinking of going for the Gtx560 but not so sure...any sugestions?

7870 cant go wrong there


So if i change the Gpu everything should work like a charm right? =D

I've never even heared of Recom..Mind posting a link to your PSU? may just be your PC getting bad power.

its a budget brand, not even 80 plus certified but still modular.

I'd suggest a new power supply before you get a new video card, XFX, Seasonic, corsair, antec, thermaltake and coolermaster are all good brands.

Here is the link to the psu:

Hm, ok, PSU seems fine a decent quality, but still a company I've never heard of so take it with a grain of salt.


Try updating your drivers and running ComboFix..If it still crashes after updating your drivers then run ComboFix...If your drivers are already up to date, then redownload them, some files may have been corrupt during the download.

+1 too

Get the HD 7870 (or 7850) instead of a GTX 560. Should be fine. I have a 7870 from MSI and i really, really like it! Would reccommend MSI if you don't know which brand to buy.

Ran ComboFix, 2 minutes later crashed when playing Far Cry 3, redownloaded every driver, reinstalled all of them, ran combo fix, bam crash again, ran combo fix after crash, crash again. I'm thinking my nvidia isnt that well supported by games..:(

try updating your Bios, that might help.

also make sure you've got the latest updates for windows.