Need a $300 laptop that will be able to run Minecraft and do other Schoolwork

My father's girlfriend wants to get her 2 kids laptops for Christmas (I know, cutting it close), and she's assigned me the task of picking out good laptops to get.


Are there some AMD APU laptops in that price range that would be able to play Minecraft and stuff? One of the kids likes to play that, and I don't think he'll need to do much more intensive stuff then that.


They need to be $300-maybe $350 at most. I was going to put together a cheap AMD APU build for $300-400, but she would also need a monitor and a keyboard and mouse, etc., so the price would be too much for her. She says she can do only in the $300 range.


So, I'm gonna go take a look at what's on Newegg around that price, but figured I'd post here to get some recommendations as well.   or  

An i7 w/ 4gb ddr3 DEFINITELY can run minecraft.   
the ones with any good performance aren't very pretty

this might run mine craft, considering someone said theirs ran tf2

..those all have integrated graphics. Not gonna work really. I was thinking more of an APU setup.


I was thinking something like that

wow, i just focused on processor speed (mostly i7's) the integrated graphics will run minecraft just fine considering i ran it on a p4 w/ integrated gfx @30fps. You should consider the benefits, as an i7 is much more future proof than a dual core amd processor (is says quad in title, but thats a lie). Plus windows 8 is much more harder for children to use. I know this because of my 7 year old nephew.