Necessity of more than 1GB RAM in phones?


I was wondering if there is any real use/need for more than 1GB of RAM in phones?

Just curious.

I'm glad for any explanation!

faster phone. more programs running at once, more browser tabs.

my phone has 1gb and it seems pretty snappy :) 2gb just means you wont need to be constantly closing stuff


I have 3gb's in mine and I love it, good for multitasking


At the store I looked at a note 4 and it was using something absurd like >1.5GB, pretty sad really. On my nexus I don't think I ever run out, but that has like 2GB of ram. IDK how much of that I use though, I am guessing that if you need it, i.e. have a nice phone with big screen and run lots of apps, the phone will probably have that extra ram. Phones are pretty balanced like that.

We could get away with less but carriers load the phones with shit software that I'm sure that no one ever uses. That being said you can get a phone with 3GB of RAM for $300.

In all honesty no. But you have carriers and the phone manufacturers that load their phones with so much bloatware, where its basicially required to have at most more than 1GB of ram.

I have the one plus one and I have 3gbs of ram. my phone is very snappy and i dont need to close programs in order for it to run well. i used to have an iphone which has 1gb and it was very slow unless i closed programs after i used them. id say 2 gb or higher

1GB RAM in TouchWiz #Misery


For a phone <1GB, for a pocket computer >1GB

He, 2gb isnt much better, thats why im ditching it in favor of cyanogenmod (and a thousand other reasons to but that's beside the point)

My old htc amaze 4G would lag with its 1GB of ram. My nexus 5 gets close to using 2GB of ram (about 100-200mb away). 

Jeez dude, how many things do you run at once?

Im so looking forward to the Nexus 6 with 3gb RAM 

60+ apps installed, usually 6+ apps running in the app drawer thing, with 10+ google chrome tabs open at once. 

I do a lot on my phone... 

yeah, I run alot on my nexus 5 as well, although not quite as heavy as you, i usually have about 200-300 free

It depends on what type of phone I know for Android with the amount of apps always running and just the OS itself I would prefer 2gb on an android phone. On the other hand iOS I know does a great job with the current iPhones (6+,6,5s,5c,5) only having 1gb of RAM. So I guess no phones don't NEED it but it's helpful.


Thanks for all the answers, guys!

So, basically you can say it's a) for better multitasking and b) showing off.

Never occured to me since my Lumia 925 runs quite fluently with 'only' 1GB RAM, even with a bunch of apps open in the background (not sure if that's the same "type" of multitasking as with the other OSs).
And it never made sense to me (while not thinking about multitasking) since there aren't really any apps out there using that much RAM.

But with multitasking (and all sorts of apps running in the background you can't deal with (I remember Google Maps was one of those apps that would restart itself no matter how often I'd kill it on my Nexus S and Galaxy S+) it makes sense.

Thanks for the answers again!

I own a OnePlus One, and it has a massive 3gb of RAM and it runs extremely smooth, no matter how many things I have open. At any given time it uses about 1gb during passive use.