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Neat Image Scaler waifu2x



Found it while looking for an way to upscale the smash ultimate stock icons, shame they don’t have higher res versions in the game
insane image scaler

interesting image upscaler built on neural net
took this tiny icon 200x200 (32.4kb) from a icon dump and…

and upscaled it to 1402x1604 (977.0kb) almost 6/7 times bigger than original!
Details were preserved fairly good. Took me 3 trys to hit the 1500x1500, which I then cropped around 400 kb and ran it again.

only downside is that the max upscale resolution is 1500x1500. Can’t wait for the day where this becomes a plugin for gimp.

Could be cool if it allowed for multiple images to be uploaded at once, towards the end I wasted more time on the captcha than physically looking and uploading the file

If I could recover my hours I should have cropped it before, as I could have gotten more details. Might try it again another time

@MazeFrame found a website that doesn’t have captcha and maxes out at 4000x4000


Pretty cool mate, maybe change the title to better reflect the topic.


That’s not bad.

If only it can go bigger then 1500x1500


yeah thought the link would open to the page, for whatever reason HTTPS everywhere with blocking unencrypted requests and discourse doesn’t really like the website.

Shame it doesn’t have a preview of


Single-Image Super-Resolution for Anime-Style Art using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. And it supports photo.


Not bad.
Thanks for the pointer, I can definitely use this!


this one didn’t really turn out as nice as I liked
might try it from the artist’s source


Maybe the algorythm works best when the original picture already is vector graphicy. As an experiment you could try to edit the image to use like 4 colours or to change contrast up or down. I’ll put this on my list of stuff to try next week.


seems like more objects in the frame causes more issues because feeding in this starting image

doesn’t have as many issues


makes sense :thinking:


Another version is this:


def more convenient than the original one, tho doesn’t have as much noise reduction options.

Tho nothing is stopping from that owner from updating it to the highest reduction option


Hey, that works pretty good!

Original (375x600):

Scaled (750x1200):


tru test


def has it’s perks with upscaling desktop backgrounds

1187 × 842

looks like the more detailed you can find a art the better