NB frequency constantly changing

Greetings everyone.Hope i posted this in the right place since there is no troubleshooting section. I was wondering if any of the tech-heads can help me out with this. I've build myself a under $200 pc for browsing/youtube/dota2 since my main rig is mining. Here are the specs:

MB: MSI FM2-A55M-E33 

CPU: A6-5400K APU @4.2ghz + 1013mhz GPU

RAM: kingston 1333 cl9 SS @ 2133 cl11 1.5v STABLE

HDD: WD caviar blue single plater 1tb 10EZEX

PSU: shitty 450w probably 200w max - i will get a better one soon

OS: Win7 32bit


This system handles what i need fine, the problem is NB frequency ranges from 1300 to 1600(default; or any value i set it at). This causes slight frame drops or constant frame drops in some cases as the Northbridge speed can stay at 1300-1400. This happens with or without overclocking anything/everything. I've searched everywhere for a solution but nothing. Contacted MSI but no word yet. Is this an APU issue? mainboard issue or is the A55 chipset overheating?

P.S. Tek Syndicate is awesome, keep up the good work.

disable "cool n quiet" in the bios, and then look if you still have those changes.

CnQ is disabled and it should have nothing to do with NB freq anyway. Got a response from MSI saying 

"its normal for NB to change under load" This is the first time i hear of it and besides it doesn't change only under load its more random than that.

Ok what might be important here is how did you do your OC?

And I don't just mean software or hardware, I mean what stuff did you change. 

I only OC in bios. That said

On the APU side i used the multiplier both CPU and IGP - unlocked apu

On the ram i also used the divider and changed timings to appropriate values

I didn't touch FSB


This happens also at default factory settings so...



C n Q has exaly alot to do with the Nbridge frequancy in fact, if the cpu gets clocked down wenn idle, the voltage and the Nbridge gets clocked down aswell.

Same with Turbo core.

Both CnQ and turbo core disabled

How are the temps on the cpu and mobo?

APU sensor unreliable - MSI utility reports ~60C full load while hwinfo and hwmonitor report 110C full load. The rest of the temperatures are below 45 though MSI said the sensors are "no longer used" . Btw the A55 chipset is very hot to the touch.

Maybe your vrm´s and Nbridge getting to hot, and start to throttle.

Msi has issues with this before, with theire cheaper AM3+ boards, offcourse you on a total diffrent platform, but it could be that you suffer some sort of the same kind of issues.

Strange thing is if i downclock the nb to say 1100 it will still jump to 1300-1400 at times. It seems to set itself to that frequency..

Dude.Your overheating it.APU's only run temps up to 60c after that they become unstable.Set memory to 1833,An if your APU is hitting 60c you need to better cool it.Look for a cooling fan or Water cooler and without enough info about what size an type of case you are using your air follow may be one of the issues.Remember your graphics card generates a lot of heat.Your system may be on.But it also may be cooking itself.

Also if you upgrade your case fans an you know it is cool in there an the memory is not randomizing.Your safe.But if it still is.It may have gone unstable or if it is relatively new.You wont like this but return it in a RMA.Because it may have been damaged.

Another thing you can do to find out is this.Download Combofix.Run it.it must be updated often but.Once run.Format your computer.Combofix will put you on your correct desktop.But it also turns on some functions i recommend turning off.

Functions it turns on are in Administrative Tools.in Services.

  • Security Center
  • Windows Defender
  • Windows Updates

You want to turn these off again before going online.After you install your operating system again.If it is windows Disabled these again.Then run your test.With your game.Also This could be driver related.What driver you are using can screw with your BIOS and SATA drives from the company Updates.I have a ASUS M5A99FX Pro Rev 2.0 and when i install my drivers something goes horribly wrong.

My system will not start or i have to hit the power button repeatedly to get it to turn on.Sometimes it will not turn on.So your drivers may also be to blame.[Recommendation]Do not install them.Get a USB an install Firefox version 28 from FileHippo.com  put that in there an probably a copy of Steam then reinstall Windows an see what the readings are.One by One install your drivers an check your Memory frequency.If it keeps jumping around it is most likely a program or your system is being over worked.