NASty talk

Looking for a 4 bay NAS that will show all drives separately and easy to set up. Needs to support both 2.5 and 3.5 drives. I want to be able to just move files manually to it easily and play them at will. These are my media files. So basically music and movies with a few data files thrown in. I only run Linux as an OS, so keep that in mind.

Would be nice if I could stream to my phone and tablet but not a deal killer.

I have a 4 bay external enclosure connected to my pc now and just want to move those drives to the router.

From my own research Synology and Qnap seem to be leading the way in this area but I am up for any product that works.

Don’t have a budget but I don’t think this simple operation should break the bank. So lets call it $500 or less

If any of you out there have a NAS or knowledge of and can share your experience or opinions I would be grateful.

Thanks for reading

PS. I don’t want to build a diy as time is limited right now

Thanks, not sure what I am going to do then. I would build but I wanted something rather small. Guess I will need to look into building a custom case for a diy. So I can keep it the size I want.

You could get a small computer, maybe even a raspberry pi and plug that 4 bay enclosure in to it, and use that as a NAS. That would be your cheapest option.

But for $500 you should be able to get a 4 bay NAS no problem.

Thanks for the responses. I will look into all of the options. I have a sff psu ,ddr3 ram and a dual core cpu just sitting here collecting dust. Just need to find a MB and more importantly TIME.