NAS + Server Build with Ryzen 2700x

Hey everyone,
I’ve been browsing these (and many other) forums trying to decide on the best way to go about building a rack mount, headless server for our house using my recently retired Ryzen 2700x.

The new AsRock Rack boards seem promising but their limited availability and numerous issues people are discussing make me shy away from it.

I’ve build numerous gaming PCs for myself in the past but am new to the server side of things. I have a Synology NAS but am finding it just too slow and limited for the other things I’d like an always on server/NAS to do.

The plan is to create an UnRAID system for

  • desktop, MacBook (wife’s), and my Surface data redundancy with select backup to Backblaze (never done this before)
  • photo storage with easy downloads from camera
  • a torrent/media box routed through OpenVPN or Nord (no need for transcoding, have an Nvidia Shield)
  • and a minecraft server

UnRAID over freeNAS as I’m not that familiar with Linux and need it to be less maintainence heavy so that in a year when my free time is eaten up by a baby I won’t have to struggle to keep the system afloat. Intra-house only, to prevent disasters I don’t want to open it up to remote access.

Network wise, our house is currently wired up with a Ubiquiti system including a USG and 8 port switch with 2 wireless APs.

Budget: (excluding drives) $1000-1500ish CAD
Location: Canada
6-8 HDD capacity
Rackmount 2-4U case

seeing you’re in Canada, like me, i would get out some used enterprise gear.
you can usually get some 3-5 year old server sans drives for 3-600$ and just buy the new drives/ssd and get caddies (if they didn’t come with) off eBay.

I’ve gotten some HP DL380 G8 for next to nothing from places here in Regina, some even have had Warranty still, as their job number was done and the equipment liquidated.

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