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NAS Project

Hi there

I have a new project I want to do.

My current backup solution for all my data is quit basic.

I have a Synology DS 216play with 2x4TB WD Red in RAID 1 and a DS214play with 2x3TB WD Red in RAID 0. My Data is stored on my 216play and nightly backups are made to the other NAS. Simple system and it works well :wink:

But as always I want to change something. As the 2 4TB drives are getting old and will have to be replaced soon this is the perfect time to change something on my setup.
I was planing on just buying another, newer Synology to get some more power into my system. But then I checked prices and noticed that I can easily build a PC for the same amount. So I think this is what I am going to do. Build my own NAS.
Additional to my 2 NAS I am running a Minecraft server from my Network for some friends. This server is a HP Compaq with an i3 3ed gen and 12GB RAM. This machine should also be replaced into my new NAS/Server build.

I am not totally sure about Hardware but I want to buy used but don’t mind spending some extra for power efficiency or reliability.

I am getting a PC HP ProDesk 600 G2 MT with a i5-6500 and 16GB of RAM (2x8). at a cost of 130$. This would be the foundation of my build. I want to throw in 2x4TB WD Red and 1 SSD for the OS and the Server (128 or 256GB) The 2x4TB are new and I can get them for 200$ The SSD is from the old MC server, so free.

I decided for this CPU as it is powerful but only rated at 65W TDP. My currant server needs around 50W and the NAS around 20W. I know that the rest of the hardware needs some power as well but I want to decrees the cpu speed so it will not need 65W My goal is to stay under 80w while in use and 40 while in standby (no drives spinning) I also want to get a new PSU that is rated at least Gold.

What I want to use it for

  • MC server
  • Data storage with version control
  • Nextcloud service (most of my family just clones everything to there local HD anyway so speedup time is not really relevant)
  • Torrenting files.
  • Plex media streeming
  • maybe a mail server in the future.

Is this a good plan or should I just get another Synology NAS?

Just give me some advice. This is my first NAS build an I am ergar to learn. I know my way around Linux (or at least I am no noob) and I am confident that I could get most of the systems software to work.

I have checked out FreeNAS and I am thinking on using something like this as a OS

It sounds like you might be best served by building the new NAS and playing around with the different options for the software. Then when you find one that you like, stick with it and move your data over.

Linux distro with Cockpit, Webmin and/or Portainer
Linux distro with SSH

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