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NAS linux server D'link DNS-323

So I have been tinkering with my old Dlink DNS-323. It’s pretty old and slow but it works. I found this tutorial on how to load FPP on it and get some linux servery things going on.

However I am in a bit of a pickle. I don’t get how I am suposed to install anything on this without a package manager or a way to install things other than the software provided with FPP witch uses rsync.

The only thing I can see that is useful to get something I can work with is Curl…
There must be a way to get something useful on here. Yay, yuml. Some way of installing stuff like docker and other things I need to create a lan-cache.

Any ideas?
Does fpp just not have the capability?
Anyone done this before or something similar?

You will probably need to build stuff from source. Or you could completely rip out the current software and install Debian, although that means that the current GUI and other software go bye-bye.

As for docker, you may have a hard time getting it running. I think it needs 64bit now, and the CPU on your machine is probably not 64bit. Also, I am not sure if docker iteself will run on 64mb of ram, much less less also running lancache, which probably would want at least a couple of gigs.

There are plenty of cool things you could do, just Lancache is a big heavy application.

Maybe you could compile Nginx and serve a basic web page? Or use it as a central data gathering point for some home automation with a SBCs?

Dang. Yea I forgot about that. Did not even check how much ram it was running. I just thought " ah I have 1TB of storage, that is enough for a cache"
l0l Nope.

Yea i have been reading about people putting debian on it. Seems to be the way to go to get more out of the box.
I will tinker with Nginx later I think.

I will have to rethink how I do this cache business.
Maybe the new rasberry-pi could run the cache and use the NAS as storage…

thanks for the answer anyways :smiley:

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