NAS Distro change

Hey Guys,

I am looking at building a new NAS with an AMD CPU due to their price and core count and ECC support. Possibly Threadripper when it comes out. I currently run FREENAS but FreeBSD does not have very good support for AMD processes. Would a linux NAS distro be better? I like the idea of ZFS but i remember Wendell mentioning BTRFS or something similar. I would also like to create virtual machines and use plugins / programs like Transmission and Plex but if the underlying OS is Linux that should not be a problem. Current NAS is 20TB but looking at around 80+ TB for new build.

Thanks for any advice.

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You can still use ZFS on linux distros. I have an HTPC ubuntu distro with ZFS.

BTRFS is still baking.

That sounds good. I am under the impression that AMD support on Linix is better tham FreeBSD. Does Freenas offer anything that i cant build into Linux by installing software? I guess i am going to be building more of a server than a nas with the running of VM's and such.