Namecheap vs Google domains?

It’s time for me to renew my domain , currently with Namecheap as there was a free one year trial.
Do you guys recommend transferring my domain to Google? I’ve heard that Google Domain offers good integrating with Google services like Gmail, etc.

At the moment I use my domain for
Nextcloud, minecraft, Plex,

Not necessary if you’re happy with Namecheap. I had my Namecheap domain on G Suite, and it was easy to setup.

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You can get free dns from following the link on For example, is my dns domain for the bbs and I got it free. You can also set the dns settings to anything yoi want. I only use A type’s, but AA, AAAA, and whatever other formats you’d wat are there.

I moved from namecheap to google domains. Not too much of a difference, mainly the free private registration.

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