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My (very much ongoing and in development) Bluetooth presence detection!

A few days ago, I saw a post on the youtube channel, where at some point Wendell said something about Raspberry Pi’s and presence detection, and that really got my gears grinding, so here I started my Bluetooth presence detection for my house, and I hope to keep it organized so I/others can access it later. I was going to run stuff in docker, but this thing can barely run nano so I’ll keep it simple for now.

Are you using a Pi? if so, which version?

I have a Pi 1 B that I want to use as my has HomeAssistant controller. but I think that thing is too old and slow. it struggles just handling samba-AD

Yeah, I’m using a Pi Zero, but honestly you want to offload most of the computation to something else, (maybe have one higher-power raspi to act as a hub?) But right now I’m just planning on using IFTTT or MQTT to control lights and such.

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Sometimes I can’t believe how simple some solutions are, what you have so far has really gotten me back on track with what I was working on.

All this time I’ve been trying to get a list of nearby devices. Kept getting no results with bluetooth.discover_devices, then really started digging for stuff with BLE libraries (I have absolutely no idea what any of the mac addresses I found were for)… Then I look at line 12 of

I feel silly.

Thank you for posting!

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Ha! I’m glad it was helpful, though you should also really thank the person who is sourced in the script, they did most of the hard work, all I did was put it together.