MY TITAN TAKES SHAPE - Final Touches Color Scheming/build part 1 - 5


the parts for my 12 core 24 thread build 2023 titan - AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, Radeon RX 6700 XT, Geometric Future Model 8 ATX Mid Tower - PCPartPicker

build progress album

my water cooled pop os monster build has begun, almost all the parts are here the remaining are a monitor, a pair of drives,

& custom psu cables the cables have been ordered but have yet to ship im still torn between the choice of either a set of

SK Hynix Gold P31 1 TB nvmes or set of SK Hynix Platinum P41 1tb nvmes

the performance diffs seem close enough to each im not sure which would give the most noticeable diff in day to day use for gaming , editing ie image , vid , audio, & compression & decompression

heres p31

heres p41

also im on the fence about getting the same monitor iv already got on my current build which is the one in the build list or to instead get the lg-27gl83a-b-270-2560x1440-144-hz-monitor-27gl83a-b aside from these items everything else ive got

aside from the paint

on the rad an case im under way with my total color scheme i want to go for a captain marvel scheme of red , gold , blue

the pump an rods an coolant are blue an iv got blue coolant ,my main thinking overall is the outer case in fire orange red , blue inner an for coolant with yellow gold trim

your thoughts on drives an monitor pick still welcome an needed

progress as of now with color


I like it, I think the red with either gold accents and blue cooling, or blue accents and gold cooling, is the way to go here.

Though… A 3900X when a 5950X costs just as much?

ever since my sister suggested the gold coolant its got me torn on the idea id just have to find some , eventho iv ill ready got 5lt of clear distillate an 5lt of uv blue which is fine ill have plenty of extra for later an other builds.

now as to why a 3900x over a 5950x at the time the 3900x was cheaper by 180$ an allowed my to get the chosen mobo for that build an for a separate build needed upgrade 2 x 500 nvmes

at most every other month iv got a max of 500& on the nose that goes towards any build parts or upgrades
so i like to buy as many parts that are in stock at once , which depending on the part means more often just 2 sometimes 3 or 4

i love when amazon offers the fixed month pay option on some items but rarely do that cover everything i want , recently i was able to grab 2 x 6700xt at the same time that way 1 was for a current builds upgrade

the other for the one progress tho im going to grab a different 6700xt for the titan with fixed month pay option because its compatible was a fullcover water block iv got that isnt for either of the two i have

my in use 6700xt is fine under air but the one that is for the titan was supposed to be part of the loop but the block i have wasnt compatible but if my timing is right at the end of the month i should be able to get

the one that is an have $ room to either get two of either p31 or p41 1tb nvme if all is still on sale in the right way “fingers crossed” cheeks clinched "

While buying some parts in advance can be a good thing, the quick aging of PC components mean you should always wait with the core to last (CPU, RAM, motherboard and potentially NVMe). Best is to wait until you can order the entire package at once and then order it, but if you want or need to split it, I would prioritize optimally: case > cooling > PSU > motherboard > storage > RAM > CPU > GPU.

Just some food for thought for your next build in a few years, no use crying over spilt milk today though. :slight_smile:

You see Ms Marvel, I see good ol Gundam RX-78-2. (because I dont seem to like her - the color scheme looks fun though)

Anyway go for it.

You might want to have some black accent lines to get that comic book feel if you are after it. Go for thin lines when it transitions to the same color (as in the case of top surface to front surface). Go for thicker black lines when it transitions from one primary color to the other.

You can also have fun and be creative with the holes in the internal surfaces. You can draw more lines there and have some cool patterns like in her suit.

Also you need to get a logo of her star somewhere. I leavr it up to you if you want it inside the case or outside.

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not sure how id pull that off with spray paint maybe a sponge brush like this

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im still torn between the choice of either a set of

SK Hynix Gold P31 1 TB nvmes or set of SK Hynix Platinum P41 1tb nvmes

which would be the better grab for my stated needs

Masking tape maybe?

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titan’s paint job 2nd final outer coat

im not sure wither or not to do the psu shroud in the same red or do it in the gold / yellow like the trim

your thoughts

psu shroud color
  • psu shroud blood orange red gold
  • psu shroud gold/yellow

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