My Radeon Pro has sleep apnea

Seriously though, that’s the best way to describe this odd little behavior of my AMD Radeon Pro w5700.

So I just installed a new Gigabyte Vision DP motherboard in a fairly new computer build. While the system is on and has been idle for a few minutes and everything begins to power down, when the computer monitor goes into an idle State and shuts off, the GPU has this odd little behavior that quite frankly resembles sleep apnea. It’s like it’s taking this momentary gasp of air.

About every 15 to 30 seconds the GPU will make this short little sound that lasts for a couple thousandths of a second and then the fan will rev up and then rev down for about 1 second. The GPU definitely didn’t do that with the previous motherboard which was an Asus Pro art.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with an AMD GPU? Is there a solution for this, is it something I should be concerned about? Inquiring minds want to know.

Check your C-states and the power saving features of your uEFI. I take it that this mobo is newer than the one that your replaced. Also, make sure that you are on a relatively recent firmware.

Maybe the GPU doesnt need to use the fan much? Is your PC case new and more aerated than your old one?

Does the fan speed ramp up and down smoothly or does it go full speed from a resting state and turn itself off suddenly?

Ok thanks, I’ll check those out.

It’s a Be quiet 500DX case. This behavior was happening with the case completely open while I was doing upgrades and monitoring the system for a day or two before closing everything back up.