My PSU exploded, but I see no damage, should I plug it back in?

I've emailed the company about this, this is the second time this has happened and I don't see any damage, no popped capacitors or anything, I don't even see damage to the power supply I just smell it and it blew a fuse. It went to sleep on my right before it exploded, and I unplugged it and plugged it back in and turned it on and that's when in happened. Is it safe to plug back in?

No. Never do this unless you want to possibly kill the rest of your system.

Unless, of course you can find one of these to put the magic smoke back in.


Never seen one of those before.

Guessing it's a no name brand?

Buy a new PSU, don't risk your computer or more importantly your health.

Hell no!

It was an inland 500w gold rated PSU, luckly I have a 2 year warranty.

This is the second time this has happened..Why do you think the third time will be better..You are taking a gamble, it could ruin your system like buckwhal said or burn it down the hole system or you house or something..

most likely a capacitor blew up. You can replace it yourself but since warranty ~ just replace it.
It won't power anything, won't damage anything. I recommend getting some surge protection on your power outlet.

and how would I go about doing that?

pick whatever... most of the time capacitors explode when there's too much energy flowing inside your circuit.

You should just buy a psu that is not crappy instead of gambling with your system over and over.

Do not return that power supply or plug it back in. It is not gold rated and it is not quality. If you read the specifications for the power supply its around 76% efficient, and thats probably generous since thats from the manufactures website. It doesn't even meet the requirements for a 80+ non bronze certification. Buy another unit. Putting another one of those is willingly putting a bomb back into your computer. Quite literally a bomb.

you smell a strange smell ?

mine did that to me once.
but i replaced it that day.
danm thing fried my mobo

Go seasonic next time.. Or XFX since they OE seasonic... Also FYI plugging it in after an explosion basically means that nothing will happen due to the fact the circuit is already cut open.. but I wouldnt tempt fate... get another PSU and hope oyur components are okay

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It is NOT gold rated. Its a cheapo company marketing it as there gold series, but it is NOT 80+ GOLD certified. Do not under any circumstances replace it with another psu from that company, buy a proper one.

well maybe they just made bypass, didn't fix it at all... or had put capacitor with much higher ratings... and allowed more power to your mobo...

but yeah inland has bad reviews ---- antec, enermax, corsair, coolermaster seems to have best psu's... and some of them are not that expensive.

Or Antec HCP series. They are built by Delta - the only company that gives Seasonic a run for its money in the quality sector.

Once the blue smoke gets out just throw it away and don't risk it.

Otherwise, do it, for science of course, post results.

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RIP op

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