My personal budget gaming build

I paid about $300 for this:
XFX 7950 double d
X4 860k OC’d to 4.0ghz
gigabyte f2a78m-d3h
Adata su700
Evga 650g2
Seagate barracuda 500gb
Corsair spec 01
Patriot cider ddr3 1866mhz
Tell me how I did!:sunglasses:
Edit: the rest of my storage is on a dual Xeon home server.


Sweet build.
Curious on chosing the 78 chipset vs the 88 or the 68 chipset. Or was it a package deal?
Also feel free to talk about OC’ing and weather you went with BCLK or the multiplier.
So glad to see another budget build!

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So you payed 300$ for my pc basically?
This is an old weak machine, but at the end of the day you beat RX 560 and GTX1050 in the graphics department and you have an SSD… Still I think you have payed way too much for this system.

I think it’s mainly multi gpu support and may be some really advanced Chipset features, but 880K is nowhere near multi GPU capabilities so it’s not a big deal…


I’m overclocking the BCLK.

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Actually this is pretty good, the CPU might not be great but I mean an HD 7950 is basically an R9 280 which beats a stock GTX 1050 Ti.

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dude, those things are less than 100 euro around here… 4 gens ago… It’s basically a GTX960 R9 390 from 4 years ago…

So I should know everything and be able to build something way better when I’m 12…

No. Do you think there are people, that know everything?
Look, for a similar performance system new, you will surely pay way WAY more, so in a way you made a good purchase.
It’s just limited in many many ways.
The socket is a dead end, the GPU is lacking some features, such as freesync, the cpu is old and weak… I should know, I am running basically the same system, just with the slower 7870…
But then again, for similarly performing system (the new am4 athlon 950 with cheap B350 board, RX 560, new ssd, new hdd, etc etc) you will have to pay way way more…
So in a way you made a bad purchase and a good purchase.

Yeah I know. I’m saving money so in a few years I can build something like a z370 or whateveris the new thing then. This was to get started and have a 1080p rig.

Rather random with no context. We are kind of loose around here but come on , man.