My pc build give me your opinion

here is my PC build that im going to be taking to compete at skills USA TEXAS, I need help on naming my computer, to compete in skills usa you need to name your computer and i cant think of a same so HELP ME OUT HERE! :)

here is my build








Power supply

CPU cooler


Extra add on's


a good place to find wattage needs is here:

i recommend u doing it since i dont know if u have any upgrading plans for it in the future


to the build i would recommend going up to the fx-8350 if u have the coinage

actually, if you use pcpartpicker, they calculate wattage for you.... newegg always overestimate the wattage you need, they ssaid that to run an xfire with 7970's, i would need >850W of power as a bare minumum. pcpartpicker says i need ~750W, which seems alot more reasonable

i do look at the pc part picker wattage needs i just like to back it up with the source i listed

the fx-8350 the same thing just with more ghz. I would rather save money and just over clock it to 4.0ghz


I'm gonna ignore the fact this build is unbalanced as fuck.

The FX-8350 is sort of the same chip as the FX-8320, except the 8350 chips ended being more stable and thus get a higher default clock rate, so it should be more overclockable than the 8320. Its just a defect of the fabrication process, when the chips go in they are all being built the same, but the fabrication process will yeild different quality chips, some will be thrown away as not working at all, the less stable ones will become 8320s and the more stable ones will become 8350s. I'm not sure how the FX process is, but back in the Phenom days, if you bought any kind of Phenom II the chip was a quad core, even if you bought an X2 or X3. The chip was deemed unstable as a quad core and thus branded as a dual core or tricore. Thus, back then, it was good fun for enthusiests to get their hands on a Phenom II X2 because they could potentially unlock the other two cores, making a (at the time) $100 CPU into a $160 CPU.

you didnt explain why its "unbalanced as fuck" lol 

Indeed, the first statement was I was going to ignore that fact.

hmmm, didn't know that the 8320's were actually 8350s that didn't pass bining

ok :)


i really dont see how this is unbalanced. Can you explain why so i could make some changes if i need to?

who buys a dvd rom drive? for a 1$ more you can have a dvd burner 

they still make dvd rom drives?

I am a bit new to building pcs but I'll guess he means you have 

a very high end mobo with a mid range cpu + gtx660 in it when it can support so much more. 

it was just a last min thing bro, i just got whatever drive when i was making this thread 

yeha, dude, go for an asrock mobo, try the extreme 4

i'm getting a high-end mobo becuase i'm seriously overclocking, and have money to spend on ti

spend only a $80 to $150 on motherboard and make that a TI gpu. $45 off.

these are way more power than you need but unbeatable prices 

I would go for a asrock extreme, but i really want to have matching colors and also im going to SLI my graphics cards later, maybe if i go with the and then a Or a

What do you think?