My parents went with comcast

Hello my parents chose Comcast as our ISP and I would like to know what issues I will have with Comcast and how to get around them. I have heard many bad things about them and I would like to know what the issues are. thanks

Issues? Capped bandwidth, they will send you messages about using torrents which may eventually lead to them slowing or cutting off service, and horrible, horrible customer service.

I had them for several years before leaving the country because it was the only high speed option in my area.

How to get around them?

1) use a VPN service for torrenting. Google search for an anonymous VPN service. Some are free and good for when you are downloading at night or while out of the house, but are slower than without an VPN.

2) unplug your siblings computers when you want more bandwidth.

3) steal your parents credit card and order your own internet just for your room secretly (Just kidding, dont do this.. your parents will find me and sue me.. and its kinda douchie...)

Anyway hope this helps.

I figured a VPN would fix it thanks I don't really torrent as for my family I will lower their network prioritization so I should be fine thanks

I have Comcast. They suck ass from a straw, and I hate them. Verizon is even worse, Time Warner is evil.

All ISPs are evil. Welcome to 1st world problems.

I have comcast and I have yet to run into any issues but I don't torrent or use an obsence amount of data so that is probably the reason and I can agree that the support sucks, luckly I figured it out when I had some connection issues with my modem.  I had quest or centurey link what ever they are called and there internet sucked soo bad two of my freinds still have them and it sucks they can get any were from .5 download to 50 its super unstable and their ping is always about 30ms higher even though they live down the street form me.

So hopfully you have the same luck as me and not the misfortune of my freinds.

I also on my router do a port based bandwidth limit to kind of divide up our total bandwidth we have 35down 10up I give my computer 20mps my parents 10mps and wireless 15mps so none of them can pull all of the bandwidth.

In the US.. ISP's are retarded. In South Korea I currently get 45-60 mbps down and up. I frequent get torrent and steam downloads at 5-12 MBps (the big ones). That is simply unheard of the states. The population here is seoul is crazy, but just about everyone is getting similar bandwidth. When I come back to the states I am going to invest in google internet for gigabyte internet (if it pans out like we hope).