MY op AMD BF4 rig

Hey guys, 


After a lot of questions about which brand 7970 I now know every component I want to have in my Gaming PC!


here's the link:

Keep in mind, the case will be the one that is the black case with orange accents!!!


As you can see, I have no SSD. I will buy an SSD like 1-2 months later due to money. I think I'll go with the ADATA 128gb with like 550mb/s read speed (99 euros)


Or do you recommend buying the SSD first and then a month later buy the Corsair h100i? I can also do that, but I think I need a faster and cooler CPU with a more silent cooler more than a fast Drive. The 7200RPM already is a massive improvement over what I have right now ; ). At my birthday, I will get money and buy a 24'' 1080p screen and some Noctua/Corsair fans to replace the h100i fans (cooler and better), after that I will buy some LED strips and a red casefan (just for the looks) and put it in the fanmount on the side of the case (right next to the Videocard slots)


What do you think about this setup? I will be oc'ing both the CPU and GPU, so BF4 on ultra should be like cutting through butter!


Sorry to send you back to the drawing board, but it's possible to have a dual 7950 setup for your budget right now, which will demolish a single 7970, no matter how much it's overclocked. In addition, dual rad air coolers will almost always outperform closed loop liquid coolers.

Get an asus 990fx pro instead of the sabertooth the Phanteks ph-tcpe14 cpu cooler and get a 7990 with a 750w psu

New AMD GPUs mid oct, there's an unveiling sept 25th