My new pc and really need help

Hello good people of the forums!

i have recently built a gaming pc, it is my first gaming pc ever, but at the moment i could not afford a monitor.

i am now looking for a pc monitor but i do not know wich one to pick, i don't wanna spend too much money but i want quality products. I am going to run one monitor but i may get a second one in the future.

i would like some help picking the right monitor for me.

i have my pc specs in the profile...

I would probably go for .

Good IPS-screen for a decent price, also 16:10 for that extra bit of room.

Those are really nice! Thanks a lot  Mate!

No worries.

I don't know what graphics you're running. But if you have enough juice to go for 2560 x 1440 you should really check out Logans review on the 27" monitors (just saw them myself, thats why I didn't recomend them in my first post).

More or less the same pricetag, but you gain a few inches and get a really nice resolution.

My graphics is in the amd cpu... I am not sure if it works.

Nah, then it's really no use going to the highers resolutions.