My new mouse is Being weird :/

Alright so I bought a cheap E-Blue Cobra Junior mouse and I really like it a lot. But there are a few things that costed my life in games. So the first thing that happened is that when I right click and left click simultaneously, it just disables the mouse for like a second. And sometimes it just keeps clicking by itself. It does the same thing when I hit the front and back page and the same time as well. Is there a way to fix this?

First thing, try another USB port.  If that doesn't work, update drivers/software for the mouse.  If that doesn't help, then you can also try adjusting your mouse settings in windows.  Sometimes if it's set too sensitive you can get seemingly odd behavior such as this. If none of that helps, I would test it out on another computer.  If you are able to replicate the issues on it, then there is a good chance there's a physical problem with the mouse (especially if other mice work fine).  

My money would be on physical defect based on what you describe.  However, it may be an issue that is present in all Cobra Jr.s such as a static charge build up due to the types of materials used in the mouse.  If that's the case, simply getting a replacement may not help.

Wow, this is lame. So, it doesn't do that unless I have the dpi on 400 or 1600. It does do that when the dpi is at 800 or 1200 (The sensitivity I play at). So yeah isn't that great. T_T

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Nothing like that happened in the movie.

Well, put the mouse at 400 and adjust your ingame mouse sensitivity accordingly.  Or return it and get a new mouse : )