MY NEW APARTMENT IS A RADIO - buzz, fuzz, and reggaeton

So, I put on my headphones and I´m hearing Don Omar while playing CS.
Same thing happens to my speakers. There is always a faint buzz/fuzz with radio sounds in the background.

Does anyone have any solution other than wrapping the house in tin foil?

I´m no audiophile but this is unbearable.

Help maaaaahhhhh



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Can I change the station at least? I got the worst one in Madrid.

Please show compassion.

WTF NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Nicky Jam. I just got my GPU and I would like to enjoy it.

Are you using wireless headphones?

EDIT: Screw waiting for a response. If you have wireless headphones, try wired. If you have wired, try ferrite chokes. Taht should help.

I´m wired. can I just use a donught magent?


So I got one of those that clip around the cable and it does not really help that much. I can still recognize the bee-gees. Could putting tin-foil on the walls around my desk help? LMAO

Where did you put it and how many did you use? I would try using one on each end of the wire but one at the headphones should help a lot. I don't know. Try moving it around the length of the cable and see if that helps.

Search power line filters. It sounds like the wire in your walls have signal noise flowing through them. A filter between your wall and the computers power supply should block the signal from entering the computer.

not sure thats the problem since the capacitors on the psu should act as a lowpass filter. a better trick might be to get some metal screen mesh and cover your devices/headphone wire with it. it's more breathable and durable then tin foil.

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That is some tinfoil hat shit right there XD. It does not sound throught the speakers on my screen. What does that tell you? Its sound through HDMI

You'll need a foil helmet to shield yourself


Explain more about when it does and doesn't happen.

It DOES happen:

  • On a 2.1 speaker set, when powered on, whether the audio jack is plugged into a device or not.
  • On some shitty USB gaming headset.
  • With shitty in-ear headphones.

It does NOT happen:

  • On my screen´s speakers when audio over HDMI.
  • When I find the perfect position for the cable on my USB headphones, although there is still a residual buzz.

Tried that man. I never take it off.


You might have to swap out for some shielded speakers or an external DAC (like a FiiO E10k). I had the same problem with some old Antec speakers picking up AM on clear nights.

IT sounds like the speaker/headphone wire is acting as an antenna. Shield it somehow.

Shiiieeee, 75 USD. How does amplifying the signal help exactly? How does this stop interference?

Right. Why does HDMI work? Do I just have a higher quality cable with proper shielding?