My laptop says I have no battery

My mom has a dell e6410 and it says that it has no battery available. It has said "Plugged in not charging" but after trying to fix it now it says "No battery present".

They eventually die. Seen more than a few go in my days.

yes but I have the stock battery and a brand new battery neither work. I have also tried replacing the dc jack and that didn't work either.

Buy a new battery and see if the issue persists. If so, then the problem is with the hardware interface on the unit between the unit and the battery and not with the battery, and you'll have to replace that interface. Other than that, you can try and open the unit up and check the connections, but you'll have no way of knowing if you just have a dead battery.

As p3t3or says, Batteries are a consumable resource. Lithium Ion Batteries will only discharge a certain number of times before losing their charge.

Dell also provides a built in diagnostic. Try reseating the battery and running the Diag from the Bios (F12 on boot).

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If you're comfortable taking apart your laptop you can inspect the connection. There are youtube videos out there for specific models.

I have done that when I replaced the DC jack everything looked fine.

Any chance the charger you're using is underpowered in wattage? I know when people here try to use lower wattage chargers meant for small laptops on larger laptops or to power docking stations all sorts of problems occur.

I am using the charger originally manufactured for the product.

That could be the issue piece.

I don't think so it was charging just fine on this charger previously

just trying to help pin-point the issue. Let's see if anyone else has any other suggestions.

Did you upgrade to Windows 10? Maybe you have no driver for the board so the system is not able to read properly the values on the battery. If it's not that (device manager doing good, no yellow triangles), use a tester and see if the batteries are in good shape (at least the new one). If the battery is fine the charging circuit is gone. I have an "old" i5 Asus notebook with the same issue. Works flawless but won't work with any battery, only power brick.

It did upgrade to windows 10 but I don't think it's an OS level issue because I tested it with Linux and the problem is still there. I did replace the the DC jack on the computer. the problem started when a small child partially broke a metal piece in the DC jack I pulled that piece out and it said plugged in not charging I proceeded to replace it and the problem persisted. I tried reinstalling the battery driver and now it says no battery present.

Sounds like the damage to the DC jack shorted the charging circuit.... If that's the case your only real option is mobo replacement.

About how much would that cost my mom doesn't want to spend and money on at this point

Idk go to Dell website and find out what an OEM replacement board costs.

EDIT: Dell wont sell you an OEM board, buy a new laptop.

More or less the same as the cost of laptop.

Uhhhh you can get the motherboard cheap on ebay. The processor is removable...

Also I would try this.

"Please remove the battery and ac adaptor. Then press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Now wait for 2 minutes. Please reconnect the battery and ac adaptor and power on the system."

Dell can be a bit weird with their batteries, sometimes if the battery is bad the laptop won't turn on even if plugged in. What I posted above may help, worked with an e6430 where I work.

I tried that and it didn't work I think it has something to do with driver the because it saw a battery before I tried to reinstall the drivers for the battery. I uninstalled something called Microsoft AC Adapter it showed up again but could that cause a problem?

Yea they could have been a dell and ms driver banging heads, but if the battery is showing then I guess you did it.