My Imperial Vampire babe needs help (TESIV: Oblivion)

So, NM are too vegged to give responses within 24 hours lately. Then again… Oblivion isn’t the Skyrim modding community. But anyway.

I think my save game of 23 hours just got corrupted. Anyone know if it’s possible to save corrupted save games somehow? I still live in hope. I could always start over. But… i’m level 11. And leveling in Oblivion is completely obsolete compared to how streamlined Skyrim is. It’s just outright AIDS. The first 10 levels in Skyrim are nothing. Leveling in Oblivion is the equivalent of dragging your testicles across a mile of broken glass. I really don’t wanna start over again. But playing the Dark Brotherhood questline ain’t so bad. :smiley:

Also, while i’m already at it. If it comes to it. How do you prevent save corruption. What’s best practice for saving/maintaining a save game in Oblivion.

Hmm well you could use some kind of versioning backup system, and store your save game on there.

If you are running Windows 10, look into the File History feature. Essentially you want a ZFS copy on write type setup, where all changes to the file are saved as a new version, so you can roll back to any point. I haven’t tried this, but there seems to be plenty of guides on the interwebs.

HHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnggggg… Ahh HUH?

What version of windows are you rocking?

I don’t know know if there’s a save editor for oblivion but I would assume there is, you may be able to open the save in that (depending on how corrupt it is) and try to fix it. Or try to recreate the old save with an editor. I did something similar for mass effect after I lost my saves.

Windows 7


Never heard of that before. Save editor? No idea.

You could try and set something like this up for the future, it may help if the file gets trashed.

Are there backups of your save game in the save game folder? Some searching suggests the game makes a backup when it saves.

Yes it does, and no, they aren’t there.

I’m asking if anyone here knows if anything can do done to corrupted saves to fix them.

Well, other than trying a save game editor as mentioned above, the only think I can think of is using a hex exitor to debug the save game data structures and fix them by hand.
Some hex editors allow you to write data structures and map them to the files, this makes the work much easier.

But, it would be quicker and easier to just start again if you don’t already know how to do that!