My Future Rig

Hey everyone. So I decided on the components for my future rig (3-4 months from now, maybe sooner) and I wanted everyone to check it out. Give me feedback, let me know if the parts suck, if they're good, etc. Some parts may change if I find better deals and prices, but most will stay for now.


Your background of your blog has too much contrast.  It makes it hard to focus on the article lol.

I don't see how getting higher clocked ram is "Future Proofing".

Get a 2GB version of the 7850.  You'll need it.

i'd get a bigger motherboard if you want to future proof with say at least 2 pci-e slots. Also a quad core i5 or amd equivalent would do just fine since most games are optimized for 4 cores if at all. a beefer gpu would be better for games if you went cheaper on the proc or memory and used the saved cashed towards it. also memory above 1333mhz isnt gonna give much of a benefit to you.

stop with the future proofing.. theres no such thing unless you talk about the computer case it self..
new products are constantly being built and tested for the real world.. once you buy all your components, there will be something else that will be released. for example if i bought a 780ti. latest gpu, itd be useless because maxwell architecture or w.e it is is coming out next year..

theres also no point in trying to future proof a low end build

save up a lil more cash 200-300 dollars, up the cpu to 8320 or 8150, get a better motherboard and spend the rest on the gpu - try to avoid raidmax psu, known to be quite frankly - shit.