My first PC

I'm prepairing to build my first PC.

I've got my parts picked out, but I want to see if there are any major (or minor) problems with my build.

This is the PCPartpicker link:


I live in the netherlands, I want 16G RAM, I don't mind a slight overkill on the power supply

The PC is mostly for general gaming, but I would like it to be able to handle running several programs at once

My Budget is around 700$, but to me the performance is more important than the price

Thank you for spending your time on this


You dont need 16gb of ram but whatever. This build is without the os and the monitor.

Thanks for the help!

try and get a fully modular for the same price, its much much easier to manage

Take a look at my PC so if you want to spend a bit more go for it

that motherboard doesn't support an FX-8350!

I'd expect netherland prices to be higher, though.