My first pc build, need some help

UPDATE: this is my current build:

I want to build my very first computer. But i don't really know what parts i should use. I want to use the computer for: coding, watching youtube vidz, recording vidz (of gameplay) and gaming (minecraft, skyrim, battlefield 3,...).

i'm not planning to overclock my cpu or gpu !!!

i want to keep it around 650 euros (i live in europe). I was thinking to start with an intel i5 3750K. as i said, i don't want to overclock it (for now at least). should i buy an after market cooler? or just use the fan that comes with it? And i was thinking about 8  gigs of memory. and then i'm kinda stuck. i don't know what GPU i want to use.  I would really appreciate some help!

And sorry for my bad english, i live in belgium :)

I can give you some basic guide lines. If you are rendering, a 8350 is going to give you better value then a 3570K. If you are mostly just gaming a 3570K is a very good processor for that. Depending on what programs you use, you should see if they benifit from having CUDA cores. If so a Midrange 660 or 660ti is your best bet, you probably should avoid AMD gpu's if you dont plan on Overclocking. 8GB of memory is standard.

so do u mean somthing like a geforce gtx 660 ? and is the 8350 processor intel or amd? and i probably record with fraps and camtasia. and for coding eclipse.

anyway thanks for the help :)

Sorry I should clearify. A FX8350 by AMD. and a Gtx 660

Thanks a lot! gonna try to make a build on pc partpicker. i'll post it here when i've done that. Also, should i go for a mechanical harddrive or ssd. i'm thinking of a mechanical harddrive (because of i'm planning to record). And i'll probably go with the i5 3750K ;)

I would try to incorprate both. Get a big Mechanical hard drive for storage, and a SSD for your OS and applications.

i don't have much money right now, so gonna add an ssd later (or should i add a mechanical drive later?). but currently this is my build:  Would this be a good build or not? What could be improved?

Little nitpicky stuff. A little more rounded out.

This build will get about the same performance, but I managed to get a SSD drive in for just a touch bit more money. Can remove it to save some cash if need be.


Thanks a lot! Probably gonna use it. Just a few questions: Could i use the video card to game and record with? Would rendering times be decent (around an hour or less?). I'm not planning to overclock my cpu or gpu. Would it still give some nice performance? And is the power supply high quality (like seasonic?)

Anyway thanks a lot ! :D

I would learn to OC that gpu, thats where it really shines in performance (its not very hard either). That PSU is very reliable Corsair uses alot of seasonic components. I just xsplit to record my gaming with (on pc). If you want to record a concole I would look into Black Magic. Budget oriented good recorders.

Ok thanks! but the reasons i don't wanna overclock are: i don't know how to do it, i'm scared to install an after market cooler (i'm scared to spill thermal paste on the motherboard or apply it wrong) and i'm the most scared of is ruining my whole computer by overclocking. What do u think (should i do it? cuz i'm only 15 years olds. However i think i can do it)


Easy as that pal as long and even if you push it to high you should revert automaticlly. 

So if I follow this tutorial, i can't mess everything up? Also, a little question: what about the extra heat? Do i need more fans or something? Or is it good like that?