My first experience with Noctua fans

So I got a chance to experiment with the much hyped Noctua case fans and I must say...these fans have an awesome build quality. The packaging is way overkill but nice as well and you get a ton of accessories with each fan.

Totally not what I was expecting...quiet too.

Anyway, I took a couple pics and made a video about them. These are the NF-S12A FYI...


Nice review and the NF-F12 is a very nice fan as well. Currently mounted as an intake with my 120mm Rad. I usually idle around 25-33 degrees Celsius depending on ambient temperature. When I had it set up as an exhaust fan, the temps were basically the same.

In the Words of Linus.

They are Ugly... but They Work. lol

Is that in your Silverstone case?

I'm not picky when it comes to this stuff so they honestly don't bother me much ;]

I look at them more like a statement of quality or "hey look at me I spent a lot on my rig" type of deal

Nice video man! One day I might be able to afford noctuas. For now I'll stick with my cheap fans with ghetto diy anti vibration.

Yes, Unfortunately, both the radiator and NF-F12 could not fit inside the case. I ran the included 4-Pin extension cable outside of the case and mounted the fan>side panel>radiator.

It's been working very well, I have not tried to OC at all though, maybe later when it gets colder. It worries me sometimes that the pump might be working a little harder but I have made sure there is no kinks in the tubing.


Here is an image of what it looks like with the fan on the outside. Since there was no way to mount the 120mm dust filter I taped it to the fan with clear scotch tape. Kind of ghetto but it works and I like the look of it.

I'm actually pretty lucky when i built my PC i grabbed the Z87 Gryphon and a 5 Noctua fans and  Colors Match the build a bit. I myself also use a Silverstone Case I've gotten so used the 90 Degree Orientation that I don't know if I could ever go back to a normal oriented case. lol

They have 'redux's now that are gray. I think they also have brown/black 'industrial' fans, which actually look worse in my opinion, but at least wouldn't contrast as much with a black case.

I brought a Noctua cooler and I have to say I'm mighty impressed by it's abilities. It's quiet as a whisper in the night and cools way better then the stock coolers. They make good products but I'll admit tan isn't my color choice. Love the redux ones though.

That case is awesome! I've wanted one for so long now

whatever works lol

Nice, I want to get my hands on the NH-D15 some day


I don't know why but I think that looks awesome

I think linus did tests with these fans and found only like 1-2 degrees difference from normal cheap fans, but that may be worth it if your build cost a lot.

That is definitely an interesting setup lol. I like the "steam box" look of the case though

It's not just the performance you're paying for though.

The sleeved cables, the vibration dampening and all the accessories add to the value of the fans. Not everyone needs all that stuff but its worthwhile to have just in case IMO

But yeah I wouldn't stick these in a budget build