My First attempt at QEMU/KVM

Hi All,

I have successfully deployed my very first windows10 VM using Manjaro with GPU Passthrough.

One thing I noticed is that my mouse keeps on snapping to the side and its kinda annoying. Has anyone experienced this?

BTW here’s my config.

HOST: i5 8600K, Gigabyte Z370n-Wifi, 16GB DDR4, 256 GB SSD, Intel Graphics
WINVM: 4 cores, 8GB ram, 60gb HDD, GTX 1070

Not sure if it matters but keyboard and mouse is Logitech G Pro series

Thank you for comments.

Is this behavior in the host or the VM (or both)? If in the VM, what are you using for input (synergy, USB passthrough etc) and what are your settings for it?

Your setup is almost identical to mine. For some reason I can’t enable IOMMU.

  • What BIOS version are you running with?
  • Do you use GRUB or systemd?
  • How did you configure your boot-loader to enable IOMMU?