My Final Build, THANKS Everyone

Here is my build I want to play HQ games like Battlefield 3 and Crysis 3 on Ultra(Ya, I know with Crysis 3 I will have to turn down some settings) I wanted to know if anyone has further recommendations before I place my order. Also, is my PSU good?

is there a link?

Oh ya sorry I'm stupid

Nice rig, enjoy :)


Feel free to update us when you have built it :D

Everything looks perfect, hope it all goes well!

PSU should be fine...

logan always recomends to get seasonic, corsair, xfx, or nzxt for PSUs because they have high-quality seasonic parts. so if you want to give into our dark lords will, change it out to one of those.

Looks fairly balanced, and should suit your needs (that being gaming)

only thing i can really recomend is a ssd. but if your budget doesn't allow it to fit it's not really necessary unless you're crazy about boot times :P

I hope it all goes well too, I have talked to all of you on the forums for the past week and I want to thank you because I have researched and researched for hours and I am happy to know that it has paid off. Do you guys suggest the building guide from Logan on Teksyndicate?

I think that PSU will be fine I'm sure. I think Rosewill is some pretty nice stuff.

SHOULD'VE GOTTEN AN NZXT SOURCE 210 OR 220 CASE! Kinda contradictory, but it's really nice.


Should I switch my Power Supply to a

Build looks good man, for sure post and update on how the build goes!

For ten bucks more, why not?

Are you really going with that case? Just like 15 minutes ago i was looking at it but i wasnt sure if i should use it in my build i think it looks good,thanks you now that i see a build with it i might use it