My Experience with Razer Peripherals

This will be long but it details my experience with my Razer mouse and keyboard. There is a video at the bottom simply for reference (so you know what the hell I'm talking about.)

I have been using the Razer's Black Widow 2012 Ultimate keyboard and their Mamba 2012 Mouse for quite a while now and I think if I could go back I wouldn't choose Razer period. Razer products initially struck me as high quality, well built, high tech and altogether the best of the best but to my dismay I found that the Razer products are failing my expectations in several areas.

First let's talk about the mouse, my least favorite Razer product. The first thing that I noticed was that the rubber lay-in where my thumb rests wants to come out. The corners keep popping out and I need to push them in with my thumb as I game. Minor irritance, but nonetheless not what I had expected from a seemingly prestigous company. Over time the next thing that started to bother me was the software which seemed a bit unstable (Note: this is not synapse 2.0 software.) It still got the job done, but the way it did so wasn't pleasing. Both of those things are very bearable, but as I said before not what I expected when I paid the price I did for this mouse. Lately, though, this mouse has been having issues that have driven me to write a rant about it here on the forums. The mouse has been moving without my touching it almost constantly lately. As I watch Youtube or whatever the timeline will pop up as if I moved it, which I have not. Just to see how much it moves I went into paint and held the left click to draw something and sure enough it hovers about without my hand moving at all. This became especially irritating when I try and play games, BF3 is near impossible when my mouse hovers everywhere but where I want it to. Worse yet, about a week ago the mouse went awal and was clicking and hovering (this time halfway across the screen) by itself and I had to power off my system to make it stop. Upon reboot the mouse was back to normal for about an hour, then the hovering started once more. I found that unplugging the mouse stops the hovering for about 10 mins. I have reinstalled firmwares and drivers several times with no success. The last thing about this mouse which is very very irritating is that sometime either the x or the y axis control will be lost and the mouse with go either vertically (up and down, not just straight up) or horizontally depending on which axis control is lost. This problem has happened to me about 6 times or so, probably the least frequent problem I have. I take perfect care of my mouse and my desk isn't cluttered. This mouse isn't banged around nor is it traveled with. It's too late for me to get a new one, but it's not too late for me to warn people about this mouse. I don't know how the 2013 model is, but stay away from the 2012.

Onto the keyboard, which I have much less to complain about. My main complaint with the Black Widow Ultimate 2012 is the backlighting. On the first model I bought my Insert key's backlight would flicker between a low dim and the set brightness at random times. I returned it because of this and about a year later I see that my End key is doing the same exact thing on the new model. There is a bigger problem with this keyboard which is difficult to describe, so I made a video which you can find at the link below.

If anyone else is having these issues, similar, or have other stories about their experiences with these products please leave a message so the world can know!

I would like to mention, I have a deathadder and blackwidow(original) and they work great. Most people dont realize the most expensive razer keyboards and mice are usually the worst. I even bought my friend the deathadder 2013 and it is amazing. Try out the less expensive razer gear, you wont regret it.

The more fancy and complicated the mouse, the more things to potentially go wrong, always keep that in mind. The same applies for any piece of hardware.

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I cant comment on modern Razer products but from past exsperience (copperhead era) i decided not to use them atall.

I find their products over engineered if there is such a thing, bigger numbers do not equal better products. All their mice that i have tried (friends equipment etc) just feel bad, they either feal like they have some sort of ADD like the pointer cant sit still for 3 secs without twitching or the mice themselves feel plastic and likely to break/feel disconnected from the movement of your hand.

Personally i use Logitech products whenever i can, everything ive used from them has been a joy to use and if anything does happen to go wrong their customer support is simply amazing (EU).

Yeah, I had to learn that the hard way.

+1 my DeathAdder 3.5G is amazing. Any other Razer peripherals I have given a try = no-fucking-go.

Their headsets and keyboards are hideous. I wouldn't mind owning the new Razer Blade laptop, tho!!!

The wobble is caused by the Costar stabilizers. There are two different kind of key stabilizers used, Costar and Cherry stabilizers. Costar stabilizer is basically a metal bar attached to couple latches and to the keycap. Cherry stabilizers are more complicated, don’t provide as much of a "clacking" noise or feel as Costar one's and are more stable.

  • Costar stabilizer:
  • Cherry stabilizer:

Something worth trying: Remove the key, put a small piece of scotch tape on top of the stem of the switch and put the keycap back. That should reduce the wobble a bit since some keycaps have a quite loose insert for the stem.

I personally haven’t used any other Razer peripheral except the Lachesis mouse, which worked fine, but wasn't great because of the bad sensor. So I can't really comment on other products from Razer.

PS. Get a wire keypuller from Filco and clean your keyboard, might be just the amount of grease & dirt on the keycap causing your finger to slide "down" instead of actually pressing the key.

How do you suggest I clean all the key caps? I could throw them in a bowl with some light detergent and swoosh them around or clean each individually. Or are there better methods?

Yep, remove all keys, put them into a bowl, swoosh around, dry the keycaps and put them back. That’s it basically. Ripster from r/mechanicalkeyboards tested that the “Simple green” cleaner is the safest for all keycaps (if you use something like rubbing alcohol which has additives added to it, this might happen

  • MX key removal guide: