My Experience Swapping to Linux Mint

Hello, “Leve1’rs”!

I come from a background mired in Windows OS–ranging all the way back to Windows 95. I started messing with PCs around the age of six or seven, and quickly became a PC enthusiast around the time of Windows Vista’s launch–god help me. I realize for many of you this means I have not been around for a long time, but keep in mind I am only 21 years old. With all of this being said, I have grown increasingly unimpressed with the Windows eco-system, and finally made the jump to Linux. I naturally picked Linux Mint, as it is one of the more user-friendly, beginner-friendly platforms for Linux. I can say that the level of freedom that one has in Linux is flat-out AMAZING. Every time I want to do something on this OS, I just hit the good ol’ Ctrl + Alt + T, and start typing away in the terminal. Magic things happen, and suddenly I have a new program! Feel free to come in talk your experiences with Linux and share some of the cool things that I have yet to discover about Linux and its Mint distro specifically! I am loving the exposure this OS is profiting me, so the more the merrier!

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As a long time windows user the out of the box interface and experience is probably the most windows like without basically looking and feeling just like windows. It makes the transition less painful to learn linux on. My history on linux began with knoppix live then on to ubuntu 5.04. I liked KDE but once I tried out Gnome (2) I was hooked on customization. Now I find it hard to move away from and prefer mate on anything I use. I have tried other distros with mate and they work well for me too but I find myself not having to tweak anything on mint out of the box. It is just the way I want it to be. I still use windows as my daily but on anything that isnt a dedicated gaming machine I run mint. Its hard to break the windows habits, why fight it?



My first post was a considerable amount of bitching about uefi and graphic drivers haha.

Good for you for not being like me.

Linux is certainly fun to use.

I did start out on opensuse, but used mint as my daily driver for quite some time. I’d say that was the time when I realized Linux could replace Windows. So my respect certainly goes out to Mint. Since the news hit with them being hacked and the criticism of poor/unsecure implementation of some things, I moved on to Xubuntu and Ubuntu Server for most things and Manjaro + a plethora of other OS’s for fun.

My only bug is that you’re on mint. I hate that thing. Get on ubuntu 17.10 asap it’ll be amazing I swear.

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Ya. I concur. What is the story of X apps? I remember hearing about them a long time ago.

X apps? Bruh 17.10 has wayland on it, not even a problem.

I was talking about Linux Mint breh. If I were to pick between Linux Mint and Ubuntu I would pick Ubuntu. Google “Linux Mint X Apps” … nothing to do with display.

You can probably just install that as a package. If its all GTK it’ll be in the ubuntu repos. Plus that notepad app looks like shit. GEdit is a lot better. Plus the software center is really good.

You are missing the point and just being a troll. I was agreeing with you in the first place.

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I don’t pick up on sarcasm easily in the first place. We’ll chat more on here and you’ll figure that out.

Was not being sarcastic at all.

I mean…