My current project. Wall mounted HTPC

Waiting on the other Mario world figures. The mushroom is going in the space between the words. Haven't decided on the rest.

Mario is the power button. Lights are RGB.

This is not finished. Still deciding on the finishing touches.

Anyone got any other cool ideas?


I would mount a glass panel over that if you can

I was thinking about that. Thanks for your input. You think a tinted window would look nice?

Frosted glass around the parts that dont have pc parts under them I think would look cool or maybe if you frosted some sort of pattern or something into it. even an etch with your name and date in a corner would be neat.

You have access to a sandblaster by chance?


Damn, I know of some cool stuff you could have done if you had access to one

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Thinking about maybe buying a Mario landscape poster and putting it over the black parts.