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My current pc part list

Hello everyone,
I’m about to order the parts for my pc build.
I’ve been saving for almost two years and it’s my first one, so I would love a last reality check!
I’m actually buying in Europe with the current prices (in euros):

R5 3600: 199
MSI TomahawkB450 MAX: 109
Corsair 3600mhz CL18: 103
Samsung 960 evo 1TB 2.5" SSD: 119
MSI RX 5700 XT MECH: 359
Meshify C: 89
Corsair CM650M 80+ Bronze: 80
Noctua NF-A14 PWM 140 mm Fan: 26
AOC 1080p 144Hz: 179

The total price it set, the components somewhat are but I’m open to advise/suggestions (why I’m posting)!
One thing I’m not really set on is the memory; I can get 3600 mhz CL18 for €103, 3200 mhz CL16 for €94 and 3000 mhz CL15 for €86. Which one should I get? Appearantly the 3600 one is discounted from €260!? All are corsair vengeance lpx.
I really wanted an extra front fan in the Meshify C but I just picked the best one for the price after looking not very long. Same thing for the power supply; cheapest while suiting my needs and ofcourse some rating.
So I’m definitely open for other better value options regarding those thee parts! Maybe freeing some money for a better part elsewhere in my build?

Thanks alot in advance!


Hey, welcome to the forum.

What board is that again?

B450 may have serious issue with that speed.

Maybe consider going for a better PSU? Seasonic Focus Plus for example? Also I wouldn’t go for anything over 650W. Even 650 is overkill.

As somebody who have a bunch of Arctic fans in his system I can strongly recommend considering Arctic as a fan choice. For 26 euros you may be able to get 3 F12 fans and have money left for beer.
I’m not really familiar with their 140mm fans nor their new line of fans. I just use a bunch of F12 PWMs…

I tryed to do some research on memory speeds vs CL myself. And for Ryzen, speed (mhz) seems to be more important then CL. So if your budget allows, go for the faster memory.

It’s the MSI Tomahawk one (sorry for limited build list, I originally had a pcpartpicker link in my post but I can’t post links. The manually typed list was just for informing about the price I will be actually paying). It indeed does not support 3600 mhz memory (bad research by me). I guess I’ll just get the 3200 mhz CL16 one then? A motherboard that supports it will be some tens of euros more expensive I reckon. And I wouldn’t think I would really benefit from a higher end mobo anyway. Eventough I am kind of building for upgrability, hence the 650W psu. I’ll look into the one you mentioned. Thanks!

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3466 mhz is kinda the higher end a B450 mobo will handle, according to some specs. (tryed to find a cheap-ish one which supported it) Maybe you can find memory running at that speed? Also, other people might need to back me up because I’m not sure… But if the memory is rated at 3600 mhz, you can always run it at a lower speed… No? Buying the 3600 mhz memory, and running it at 3466 for example?

I’m also no expert but that might well be true. However, I’ll just buy a 3466 mhz stick for less money in that case.

Just remember the part that will last the longest and you will spend All your time looking at is the monitor

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I have a R5 3600 on a b350 Bazooka and it does 3600 CL16 no problem. Maybe I got a good chip, but I think you’ll be ok with that RAM/timings.

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It depends on the motherboard ram compatibility.