My Crucial MX100 still good?

So after a while using my SSD there was a drop of performance of the SSD when I benchmarked it. Is this normal even though I owned it for just over 3 months? I have to use my ssd as my only hard drive for a few weeks since my 1 TB Hitachi drive died untill I got a Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB. Don't worry I have TRIM running on the SSD if that helps. The only thing I did was download a few games onto the SSD and installing some mods for Skyrim.

Just when I got it:

Right now:

Motherboard: M5A99X EVO R 2.0

From the images the specs are basically the same beside the average speed now has dropped a little bit. If you are still loading quite fast then I would not worry about it. Perhaps you had some processes running in the background while doing the current benchmark. 

The difference looks pretty negligible.