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My Cambridge Soundworks speakers are dead. Now I'm lost


So I bought speakers for my computer 20 years ago, and they’re finally starting to expire on me. Now I’m at a loss as to what I should get. I mainly use my speakers for listening to music. Occasionally I’ll play games with them enabled, but mostly games go through the headphones. What do peoples’ speaker setups for their computers look like?


I got the Logitech G51 speakers 10 years ago. Funny thing is they cost more now than when I bought them.

This year another L1T member suggested the Micca MB42X speakers. I also upgraded to a Sound Blaster Z soon after I got the speakers and that helped a lot too. The Sound Blaster also came with a decent microphone. The Micca speakers sound incredible. Crisp, tight, with highly directional treble imaging and I had to turn down the bass with the EQ. They cost $90 but sound like $200 speakers. Even audiophiles reviewers say they are good.

The powered version PB42X costs $120.


Hah. I’ve only been using these since 2005 now, and I must say that I’m still very impressed by them, aside from the low-volume hiss that they produce when on without playing back audio:

I recently bought the Edifier R1700BT for my wife to use, and while they’re certainly nice, and have a quite clear soundstage, I still prefer my own.
Generally, though, this area seems to have stagnated ever since 2008 or so, presumably because there is only so much you can do with cheap components.


Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

Them wigglers
Audioengine A2+
Klipsch R-112SW

Team effort wigglers

Upgrade ideas
Larger Scarlett
New speakers or center speaker

If I would do everything again, I would investigate some of those Samsung sound bars because it’d allow bluetoothing speakers and subs, but it would have to have regular jacks also

I just think that right now it’d be the easiest starting route, imagine that being like this audio router



I have a pair KRK RP6 RoKit G3 connected via XLR to a Cambridge DacMagic plus. For music on the desk that is a great combo because the speakers have front facing bass ports and with the cambridge you get a really good headphone amp with it as well. Pricey but does it all and does it very well. There is your next 20 years.


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I have two sets of these. Had them since 2003.

I have been eyeing the Logitech speakers mentioned above.


That UFO thing does 5.1 or/and do you use that with PC?

and can you use other speakers with that thing?


It has Digital Optical input, supports 2.1 PCM, Dolby 5.1 [pro logic 1 and 2], analog input as well.

You can use other speakers with it.


I use Logitech x240. They’re decent speakers.


Which set of Cambridge Soundworks?


I have a pair of Polks, TSi100 is the model, hooked up to a 1997 Denon AVR-1602 receiver in stereo mode.
Really decent, much better than a lot of those “studio monitors” you see around by brands like Edifier, KRK and such.
I’m thinking about getting a new amp though, something like a smaller Denon PMA-50, that should be sufficient.


I found a good picture of them! Oh to have 4 tweeters again.

Also to have speakers whose cords aren’t wound the hell up. And speakers that haven’t been coated in literal shit. Or spent a few winters in the trunk of my car. Come to think of it, these speakers of lived through quite a bit.


My Creative Megaworks 250D are still blasting when you pull the trigger in a game.
But for music they are … well, they are not made for music.