My build I'm looking to buy







Dvd burner-


Will be getting graphics card, after market cpu cooler and caviar black in the future this is within my budget. Just need a computer for daily use and school.


Since you stated, you will be using this for school and everyday and gaming in the future. O recomend you to change out the i7 for an i5. With what you mentioned the i7 wouldnt do you justice, while and i5 should be more than enough for what you want to do with your computer. Probably with the money saved up from that switch you can buy yourself a GPU or put a little more money in and by it. Either way I suggest you to go to i5 -3570k or i5 2500k and save some money. 

Only reason going with i7 2700k is it is on sale at. $84 more dollars than the 2500k.