My Build. Good?

Im looking into building a 500-600 US dollar rig I planing to use amd 

MSI 970-46

AMD FX 4100 or 6100

PNY 650ti boost 2gb GDDR5

Corsair 8gb ram

Thermaltake TR-500 watt

Zalman z11

Coolmaster hyper N520

I have the HDD already 

Use a amd card?    srry a little over budget but its really worth the extra money.  and if you plan to overclock you can increase the wattage in that psu.

My suggestion:


I would REALLY advise against getting an Bulldozer, the performance and overclocking will be worse than a phenom and the price is more. The 650ti, compared to the amd alternatives is a piss-poor card. My build would server you well and you could get a good overclock.

Thanks guys I really use the sugestions I put together this

Looks like a really sweet build! :) Couple of things though; for better performance i would go with TWO sticks of 4gb rather than one 8gb. Also, some more up market memory, you seem to have gone with vaue memory, which doesnt suite such a great build; mushkin redline, corsair vengence, kingston hyper x, g.Skill ares/ripjaw are all great choices (Maybe some 1866). I cant say i like the look of that PSU, i would get a more used and trustworthy brand, corsair and XFX are great, you should NEVER use a PSU that is not at least bronze certified, could send your whole build up in flames. Also cutting it a bit close in terms of voltage. I would change that cooler master to a xigmatech dark night, just because its more value for money, and i've heard GREAT things about it. Thanks for reading, sorry for the length :)

Alter it if you like B oth the 660 and 7870 are great cards, I would fo with the 7870 for the small lead in fps and the overclocking, but the 660s great too.