My account

Help, i think i messed up my Forum account. a few month ago i tried chanching my Email adress and now i have a second account and cant login to my original one.

You are most probably effected by the breach that had happened. @wendell should able to fix your original account for you.

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Try and get @moderators or @wendell to help you.

I Think i don't have the rights to write pm with this account.

As far as i know it should be possible to send a pm to wendell with your current account.
We had an issue in the past with the database, but @wendell should be able to fix it for you at his end.
If you run into any troubles let me know.

I don't think that i can write a PM or at least i dont know how to.

You could visit wendell´s profile and then click on the "message" button.
But since he´s allready tagged a couple of times in this topic.
He might be aware and fixing it soon.
But contact him due pm never hurts.

Use the search button, look up wendell and click on his profile.

Click message, then write your issue and send :)

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thank you very much.