My 7770 won't perform at 100% help

Hey my 7770 wont perform above 50% on my games why? I'm not even at 60FPS. . any solutions? I have amd 13.8 catalyst driver. I'm downloading 13.9 right now. Also I've restarted my computer several times.

no one?


Gpu's dont allways need to run at 100% the same as cpu's dont allways need to run @100% disable vsync so you are not limited 60fps and you will see the gpu usage jump up.

well the thing is my GPU USE to ran at 99% with this game, now its not.

Have you lost fps?

i have and i dont know what to do

Go into catalyst. Go into AMD overdrive, and set your GPU to use +20% power. 


You could have a virus or some program taking up cpu power which is limiting what you gpu can do.