My 6950 Toxic... performs the same as a 280X?

EDIT: Nevermind guys, I'm sorry. Didn't realize that the max settings benchmark tests for Infinite were done through the benchmark utility and not actual in-game with max settings.. Everything makes sense now.


I was looking to sell my 6950 Toxic and get either an ASUS V1 280X (the one with 1x HDMI, 1x DP) or the MSI 280X.

But then I found out today that apparently in all the benchmark reviews the 280X range averages 80FPS with all max settings in Bioshock Infinite and about 40FPS with all max settings in Far Cry 3. The problem here is that my 6950 Toxic roughly sits at those numbers too - and mine isn't even overclocked past the factory OC.

I asked a few friends and the general consensus is that it can be attributed to unoptimised drivers at release, so if anyone has a 280X - may I ask what kind of fps you get on all max settings in Far Cry 3 or Bioshock Infinite? Or if anyone has any explanations as to why this could happen. I've been told the 280X should be at least twice as powerful as my card, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

Will the difference be in visual quality instead - that is, will max settings Infinite look better on a 280X than max settings Infinite on my 6950?

What is your resolution versus the resolution you've seen in those benchmarks?

which settings and resolutions are you talking about? a 6950 has 1408 stream processors, and a R9-280X has 2048 stream processors, so a 280X should be alot better.

the 6950 should perform inbetween a 7870 and a 7870XT.

I run 1080p, and I was specifically looking at the 1080p benchmarks. Or for guru3d, 1920x1200.

It's highly unlikely I was running through the same benchmark test areas the sites tested through but I did go through a few high density firefights with a variety of explosive/high particle weapons and never dropped below 75 fps.


Rubbish a HD 6950 is on par with a HD 7850 --> (7850 vs R9 280X)

I set everything I could to as high as it would go. Essentially ultra everything. I'm playing on 1080p and looked at 1080p benchmarks.

My Toxic does have the 6970 BIOS unlock so it runs with 1536 stream processors instead of the 1408.