My 1st Build, Would this Part List Suffice?

So all my life I have used a notebook and a Xbox as a means to fulfill my gaming needs. As the next gen console release date approaches my interest in Pc grows (largely due to Logan being mad salesmen) Needless to say, I'm looking for a sea change. I have been trolling the internet (mainly this site) to learn all I can, before I dive into the PC world. So here it goes.

I have found, what I think would be a reasonable $800 build 

What I want to know is, if this list is any good? Should I swap out parts for the better or worse? Am I over looking cheaper parts that have better performance.

Things to note: 

  • I live in Australia
  • Price Max $800
  • I don't care about brand/looks, 
  • I will be using it only for gaming
Any help would be greatly appreciated, Cheers! 


Seems good you could get the same HDD but the Black edition for al ittle better performance.

You could use a mATX case instead of normal ATX if you wanted to make it a little lighter as your motherboard is micro ATX.

As the guy above said, you could fit in another $25 for a WD Black as it has a longer warranty than blue.

Yep sounds good, thanks for the advice.

Damn, prices in Australia are high