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MXM to M.2

I have a laptop that has an NVME M.2 port and a GTX760 with MXM connector. I know that MXM have onboard video outputs since it doesn’t have HDMI, Display Port… I have been looking on google but I didn’t find an answer to my question. Can I connect the MXM graphics card to the M.2 port and make the video signal output on the screen or at least make the GPU process the video instead of the integrated graphics?



You need a m.2 to pcie adapter to get this working but why not a 950m 4/8gb m.2 card they are about 45$ on eBay free shipping from HP aios

Might need to have a power input as mxm cards had power like 75watts I think

also for other mxm shenanigans
hp made more really dumb looking things but might actually be useful for some types of compute
mxm comes ina few versions as well 1,2,3 i have seen obtainable but m.2 has taken over for accessibility

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