Municipal government & NN

So I have found myself in something of a positsion of influence in my town, and I am wondering if I could get the city council or the mayor to affect policy and or get access to municipal fiber. If local regulations could be lessened, I think that considering I live very close to a LARGE university the CS department might have a few people with money and ideas, so how could I decrease the regulation to streamline inovation and get rid of the partial monopoly / duopoly that exist in my area.

edit 1: My town voted 86% for Hilary Clinton and I think a large majority watch john oliver so any reservations with people(not corporations) and or getting support wouldn’t be hard, I saw another thread which had a guy wanting the same thing and I thought that I should preface

Your hardest part is getting past all of the roadblocks that already exsist or ones that will be created when the ISP gets even a wiff of what might happen.

I wish you luck on your adventure though

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What I am asking is what are the regulatory road blocks and humps that one could jump over to get to said state?

I imagine the big issue will be figuring out right of way and the land use regulations around that along with who has the backbone to support the project.

You may want to start thinking about how the municipality is going to fund long term maintenance and upgrades to the system, and look at or think about the the regs around the municipality running vs a Nonprofit linked to the Municipality running it.

You should look into the legal definitions of a Telecom company vs a Cable company as the rules for both are different and will affect what regulations you have to deal with on the state and fed level.

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Also look at what cities who have done the same thing have had to go through, like Chattanooga (fiber provided by the electric company … Comcast not amused).