Multiple problems, offers4u, Pale Moon in general and Win10 in general

Hey thanks for checkout this thread.

I used kaspersky virus removal tool, malware bytes, zoek, jrt, hijack this, rkill64, adwcleaner and spybot.

Housecall is like a 5hr scan so I haven't done it yet. Using Pale Moon browser.

So that's that for Offers4U.

As for Pale Moon, maybe I should try their forum but this program seems really "bleeding edge" or beta tester like. It constantly crashes for no apparent reason, and it likes to crash during youtube vids. Any help here will go a long way (Lots of plugin container crashes).

As for Win10 I'm having trouble playing games and in general, massive freezing or bsoding

If you want me to post any logs or sys info, let me know.

I'm pretty competent with tech but I'm stumped :/

There has been a lot of malware going around lately, especially MIM sourceforge installers.

I would suggest doing a clean install, mainly because newer browser hijackers multiply quicker than you can clean, especially once they start infecting all your system shortcuts.

If after a clean install you're having hardware issues, let us know.

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clean re-install.
download VLC and install greasemonkey and viewtube

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palemoon portable might be a better option.

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Is there anything I can do that does not involve a clean install?


startmenu, type msconfig. startup programs, kill unnecessary shit. install Ccleaner, uninstall unnecessary shit, clean registry a couple times. remove palemoon and stick to firefox. go to guru3d and get DDU, download video drivers, run DDU, install fresh drivers, Ccleaner your registery again. install processhacker, see whats going on in the background.

otherwise, dual boot linux and windows 7. only use windows for games. fixes everything.

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The first problem (viruses?), you should be running a scan from safe mode or a live OS not the installed OS. But your computer is compromised either way, id never trust it even if you did remove the virus.

You haven't told us the results of the various virus scanners you used (honestly you should never need to run so many). Have you followed the various guides on removing the offers4u malware?

(honestly id consider the system a lost cause and wipe the drive and reinstall.)

Pale moon.. why are you even using this? Just use firefox.

As for your games problems, if you have one virus it wouldn't surprise me if you had more and there screwing things up. However bsods suggest a driver or hardware problem, but there no point in looking at that untill you have a safe system to use.

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I typically never have any problems at all, run the virus removal tool every 3 months or so and I don't get anything, this instability has only happened recently, a week or two ago. (virus scans are still all good unless you want the hijackthis, Rkill or jrt logs.)

Yes I have followed the typical removal method for offers4u and nothing has worked, that's why I'm requesting assistance.

I've been changing my startup programs for a while now, nothing there to change. No programs I don't want are installed. Drivers are up to date. Reg is clean and defraged already. I'll give DDU a run and check out processhacker.

Thanks a lot, if this stuff doesn't work I'll fresh install dual boot, thanks for the suggestion.

if your games are old then they won't work due to secdrv.sys not being compatible with windows 10. as far as palemoon goes it's crap the best thing I can tell you is to go back to firefox 22 which is the last no nonsence version. replace the pdf reader and install adblock edge+flash block and profit. if you need more security you could put it inside a sandbox.

also to get it to work on sites like YouTube you'll need to go into about:config and use general.useragent.override to change to "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:39.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/39.0" latest firefox or " Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko" to make sites think your using IE11.

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The games are somewhat new, most released by 2010 or later. I'll heed your advice for pale moon, it's exceedingly unstable, thanks for the about:config advice as well.

np. best of luck.

*firefox 40+ supports youtube..

i should make a thread on "how to setup firefox depending on your paranoia level." sometime.

edit: for the time being.. heres a quick list of addons to help you out if you need em.

-get more agent stings from here
-install vlc so viewtube works, get viewtube here

and do yourself a favor and grab the latest version of ftdeepdark theme -

edit2: forgot i had this in my bookmarks
worth a look, might be out of date by a few months, also, your going to break webites with all the stuff above. install something like midori browser as a backup incase you get to a site that just won't work even after allowing scripts and lowing security ciphers etc.

Sorry to revive a dead thread but my solution was

1: backup files, format and install win7

2: Offers4U was caused by "", an addon I used to ddl youtube vids.

3: Ditched Pale Moon and am using the latest FF with Privacy Badger, ABP and HTTPS Everywhere.

Thanks everyone that replied in this thread.