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Multiple hard coded IP address conflict issue

Hello everyone! I have an issue with some equipment at work. We will be ordering processing equipment and the company hard codes the address into their equipment. They are not willing to change it as “it will cause issues in their software.” I would like to be able to connect the 16 control panels to the network for data logging and monitoring. What are my options as far as having all 16 on the network with the same ip address.:triumph:

Vlan for each one?

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Will that still allow me to pull access logs from each one? I will need one machine to be able to pull all 16 logs.

Will that still allow me to pull access logs from each one? I will need one machine to be able to pull all 16 logs.

Hmm, that’s a trickier ask, since that one machine will have no idea how to tell them apart.

Are you reinventing the wheel here due to budget constraints? What’s the OEM solution for monitoring multiple panels?

That’s a tough one, just kind of thinking off the top of my head, you would need a VLAN for each piece equipment and something like a virtual appliance (think pfsense) doing NAT. You might need an individual virtual appliance for each piece of equipment, I’ve not used pfsense myself so I’m not sure if you could have multiple interfaces with their own individual NAT being done.

My guess is they didnt design it with the intention of multiple devices. in the manual they want you to go to every single control panel and navigate to the folder to grab your data… i wont have the time to go to 16 different machine to grab 2 folders for the logs at every machine… If the solution is to grab and appliance to NAT for every port thats fine.

Yeah im in the same boat… iv tried talking to the manufacturer if i can speak to the engineer without luck. I will being going onsite to their facility here soon. maybe i can fight my way to the engineer?? lol

wheres Wendell when you need him!

You will need to NAT them.

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Not on an IP basis, but on MAC bassis.


The machines are all programmed to I just need one computer to pull the data off…

Not on the router or are you saying I will. Eed a router on every device and set my nat rules.

This makes me wonder what other “issues” their products might have.

In our business its the most efficient machine they have. but do you think just NAT on a layer2/3 switch would be do able?

Iptables on a Linux desktop can handle it, or something like an inexpensive MikroTik router.