Multiple display setup Questions

So I got Windows 7 Ultimate running off my first built computer. I'm running two monitors; one 27' LG and Hannspree 21.5' and was wondering if it's possible to have different background pictures on each screen?

I've looked in the Screen Resolution, and in my Nvidia control panel but can't seem to find any way of doing this. Can each screen have it's own picture? And have them rotate through my photo libraries?

You can but you need a program for that.

Go download the Free version of DisplayFusion. it should allow you to set up two different backgrounds. If you want it to rotate you need the full version. It really is a Must have program for a Multi-monitor setup.

Sick! Thanks. This will help get that much closer to my dream setup.

You could also just splice images together if you don't want to use an app.  Of course, the same two images will always be displayed together as it rotates, so it's not as varied...  but it is a simple, if not elegant option.