MultiMedia PC For Friend

hello my friend wants me to build a pc for him. he wans to play movies on it (Plugged into hd tv) and do spread sheets in excel. it would be nice if it was fairly snappy in windows as well.

i have made i build

but i am not sure wether to go with low and i5 or 6800k. what do you think will be the best. could i get away with an i3.

my budget is around $800 (Australian dollars because i live in australia)

thanks you.

PS it also needs a wireless card.

Finally a good use for a A10!

No really, decent build, but that mobo is bad news... spend a little more or risk it failing badly, but its a good price for its performance... when it works and don't expect to either overlock (at all) or get very fast bootups, those cheap boards with chipsets won't do it.

Another question is wether you'd do better to mo mini-ITX if your looking to get a different mobo anyway, this allows a much smaller, more portable build that'll fit onto shelves ect next to your DVD player or tv, so its certainly handy, better mITX mobo's also pack features like wifi these days, so having 1 PCIe slot isn't a big deal.

dat prodigy.

Gonna be huge.

I prefer OP's build better.