Multi monitor screensaver

This will be easier to describe as the problem. I have a multi-monitor setup, and I would prefer to keep my computer on some nights. HOWEVER, I do not want the monitors on as well, as they create too much light. When I turn off the monitors, any programs that are open default to the main screen and need to be moved again once I turn the monitors back on.

Is there a way to have programs stay on the screen they begin on, regardless of if a monitor powers off?

I know that a black screensaver may be a solution for this, but the goal here is to reduce monitor power usage as well.


if windows/linux power saving features ‘turn off monitor after X minutes’ etc

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It is windows, and I think I have tried that…but on the off chance I haven’t, I’ll set that in the meantime and test it. Thank you

This is the exact menu for windows
(it won’t be grayed out like on screenshot, this is just my domain policy)

I found it on Win 10. I’ll try it and see if it works.